Creative Writing

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Creative Writing

This practice-based course is meant for beginners in writing, and includes modules on writing process, image, setting, voice, characterization, story, etc.

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What you will learn

  • Genre specific lessons on poetry and fiction
  • The process of planning, writing, and revision
  • The skill to use the five areas of imaginative technique (image, voice, character, setting, and story)
  • Understanding of what creative writing is and how it is different from other types of writing

Course Content

9 sections • 45 lectures • 02h 50m total length
Introduction to the Course - by Dr. Muhammad
Introduction - by Dr. Muhammad


This lesson on creative writing and how it is different from other types of writing begins with the introduction of writing in general, its four major types and three styles. It then introduces creative writing and the role of the figures of speech in bringing what is called as literariness to it. The last section of the lesson briefly introduces the elements of creative writing.  


By the end of this module, the students will be able to:

  1. Understand common differences between various types and styles of writing 
  2. Recognize creative writing as a distinct type of writing 
  3. Identify the role of figures of speech and elements of craft in creative writing 


This module will address the following topics

  • Writing
  • Four major types of writing
  • Three common styles of writing
  • Creative writing 
  • Figures of speech in creative writing
  • Elements of creative writing

Instructional Strategies

  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Reading (lesson, slides, readings from external sources) and other sources 
  • Writing activities
  • Lecture Video


  • Burroway, Janet. (2007). Imaginative Writing: The elements of craft. New York: Pearson Longman
  • Bishop, W. & Starkey, D. (2006). Keywords in Creative Writing. Utah: University of Utah Press.



Lecture Slides - by Dr. Muhammad
Reference Material - by Dr. Muhammad
Module 1: Recorded Lecture - by Dr. Muhammad