Digital Marketing 2023

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Digital Marketing 2023

This certification in digital marketing is an educational response to the challenges of a global market where companies and agencies need vanguard creative business professionals with new skills and competencies to differentiate and position their brands/products digitally. The course is about bridging the gap between online creativity, communication, advertising, and branding to educate and form future creative business professionals.

  • 5 Rating
  • (1 Reviews)
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What you will learn

  • The students will learn to develop an online integrated marketing strategy for their product/business
  • They will be introduced to digital marketing concepts.
  • They will be able to understand online consumer behavior in the context of business-to-business and business-to-consumer...

Course Content

8 sections • 6 lectures •
Lecture Slides - by Dr. Uzma
Slides with recording - by Dr. Uzma
Live at: 2023-06-22 11:49:00
Recording - by Dr. Uzma
Assignment, Customer Journey on sale funnel Worksheet module 1 - by Dr. Uzma
Reference material - by Dr. Uzma
Introduction - by Dr. Uzma


The purpose of the module is to give basic understanding of marketing, its building block and tactical tools that are used in marketing to position a product in the mind of customers. This module will be helpful to develop the basic understanding of digital marketing and behavior of consumers in the digital world.


At the end of the Unit, the learners will be able to

  1.  Develop an online integrated marketing strategy for their product/business
  2. They will be introduced to digital marketing concept.
  3. They will be able to understand online consumer behaviour in the context of business to business and business to consumer.

Course Contents

  • What is marketing?
  • Building blocks of marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • 4PS
  • Behaviour of Consumers
  • Marketing Funnel (B2B)
  • Marketing Funnel (B2C)

Instructional Strategies

  • Pre-recorded Lectures
  • Discussion/Discourse analysis
  • Reading books, articles, and other material
  • Cooperative learning projects and activities
  • Students’ presentations
  • Videos and other audio/visual media

Lecture Video

Sale Funnel

Link: https://snov.io/glossary/sales-funnel/

Instructional Materials

Charlesworth, A. (2018). Digital Marketing: a practical approach. Routledge, Tailor & Francis group


Learners’ Tasks/Activities

Apply buying process to a product you have recently purchased.

Assignment – 1 

Select target audience for your online business. Map your customer journey.

Instructions regarding assignment/tasks:

  • Answer the given question. It carries 10 marks.
  • Focus on quality not quantity (Maximum Material may be from 8 to 10 pages only)
  • Content must be plagiarism free
  • Write in the form of paragraphs
  • Refer to authentic academic material if required

Learners’ Self Reflection

Learners will critically reflect on their assigned tasks and give their reflection on it.