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A detailed and authentic guidance to prospective pilgrims of Hajj-o-Umrah

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What you will learn
  • Comprehend the importance, Farziat and fazail of Hajj o Umrah
  • Realise the Philosophy of Hajj as a whole and its various Manasik.
  • Realize the importance of training of Hajj o Umrah in detail
  • Be acquainted with Haramain Sharifain (Haram e Makki and Haram e Madini) and Maqamat e Hajj (where different Rituals of...
  • Learn in detail the procedure of Umrah
  • Learn in detail the procedure of Hajj
  • Learn, memorise, and comprehend multiple supplications related to Hajj o Umrah
  • Women pilgrims will learn the details of prayers in congregation and funeral prayer, dress code, and other specific issu...
  • Learn details of Jinayat (reparations) in case of any ritual not done according to required procedure
  • Understand health related issues before, during and after performing Hajj o Umra
  • Comprehend multiple administrative measures related to trave, stay and during rituals performance at different places