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Be an inspirational instructor. Learn to be a star trainer, the one who can drive the trainees’ minds and win the audiences’..

  • ₨8,000.00
  • (2.6)
  • (8 ratings)
What you will learn
  • Use body language effectively and explore the variation in tutor behaviors
  • Explain the importance of various training strategies and methods including group work
  • Discover to manage the conflicts in groups
  • Analyse the importance of feedback
  • Design and evaluate the questionnaires to get feedback
  • Plan and prepare for the workshops
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of preparing and using visual aids and technology
  • Design and present a training program while following the steps in designing new training program
  • Explore the techniques to identify staff training needs
  • Discuss the ways to manage their time effectively while tutoring
  • Use tutor skills, tutor styles and techniques
  • Distinguish between tutoring and teaching
  • Differentiate between adult and child learning
  • Identify their own learning style and discuss different learning styles

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A course for professional grooming

  • ₨8,000.00
  • (2.3)
  • (2 ratings)
What you will learn
  • Specific manners to be followed in the workplace targeted for success and achievement