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Online Learning: The Future of Education
23rd January 2020 By Dr. Mehrosh


E-learning or learning via electronic media and the internet is a quickly developing industry all around the globe. These days, e-learning has been demonstrated to be significant to the individuals who comprehend its value. It gives the chance to accomplish extraordinary outcomes at lower costs and at famous foundations, that in any case would almost certainly be incomprehensible. Apart from generally being resourceful, these online courses are accessible at any place and anytime.  Accordingly, e-learning is reforming the ordinary instruction framework.


The sudden onset of the coronavirus left a critical impact on multiple institutions affecting almost all the industries and apparatuses. The educational sector was no exception. The closure of educational institutions and mandatory curfews impeded the already complex system of regulating educational bodies all across the globe. The academic routines of over 1 billion students all around the world were disrupted due to the sudden closure. With the uncertainty of the situation and the end of the virus, educational bodies all around the world needed an effective medium to carry on with their schooling within the confines of their homes. This need resulted in the transformation of virtual educational programs throughout the world, the educational institutions shifted their mode of teaching from on-campus programs to online interfaces. Thus, the pandemic created a shift in the mode of conduction of classes throughout the world and it seems unlikely that the world can go back to its previous state in its entirety. The digital model of schooling is here to stay and will surely keep evolving and becoming better and better with time. 


With the spread of Covid 19 in March 2020, we witnessed a major shift and a drastic change in every domain of life. One of the immediate decisions that were taken as the pandemic began was the closing down of educational institutions which remained a major topic of global debate as educational institutes were closed and reopened multiple times until September 2021. As the education system was one of the prime targets of Covid 19, swift actions were taken in this sphere to cater to the loss as a result of those immediate decisions and timely actions we saw a switch from physical to online mode of learning in no time. Online applications such as Zoom, and Meet have become a significant part of our life when they did not even exist pre-Covid 19. It is safe to say the pandemic has reshaped our entire sense of reality. Even though online learning still remains a matter of debate in terms of its advantages and drawbacks, and its long-term validity, the fact that online learning has become an integral part of our everyday life remains irrefutable


The probability of the digital mode of education staying post-Covid 19 is pretty high, also cemented by the fact that it has turned into an industry worth several hundred billion. The technological market has found a sound investment in e-learning and day by day, new and improved interfaces are made accessible to people all around the world for a better experience during the process of online learning. The impact of Covid itself on educational institutions was unpredicted and forced a sudden shift, however, this digital transformation of the traditional schooling system has long been coming, especially if we take into account the technological advancements of the last decade or so. This gradual digitization of the world around us also plays a part in the rather quick acceptance of e-learning, especially among young students and professionals. 


Online Learning has become an effective way to develop any skill or explore multiple interests of the individual. Whether you are looking for employment or want to improve yourself, certain skill sets are required, and what better way to learn these skills than to learn them through easy step-by-step methods, in the comfort of your home. Online courses allow you to learn a specific skill set while nurturing your IT skills as well. In today’s digital world, technological skills have become mandatory in almost every institution, specifically in educational institutes. With the rise in digital technology, online learning centers, like International Islamic University’s ODL (online distance learning), have started offering online courses, diplomas, and advanced diplomas in many important skills such as writing, reading, team building, and speaking skills.


The affordability and accessibility that comes with online learning is a plus point. Imagine that you are busy at home or office and still want to learn creative writing or any other skill. Online learning provides you with the option to access online courses that you can take in the convenience of your home without disrupting your schedule. And the courses offered to you by ODL are easy and affordable. You set the pace of your learning and skill development.  As the digital world is changing at a rapid pace, it has become necessary that you adapt and tune yourself with the online system of education to enhance your skill set. 

In the end it is a fact that the world of today moves at a very fast pace with new innovations and eye opening technological advances. It is up to us to keep up with the innovations of today. The growth of virtual learning is one such phenomena that can no longer be taken as a temporary arrangement   but it has become the necessity of the times. user friendly and easily accessible interfaces like ODL allow you to enjoy the benefits of this new and advanced mode of learning. It is time to widen your horizon and explore new options by delving into the online world of academics and either hone your skills or learn new ones that enable you to reach new heights in any field.