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23rd January 2020 By Dr. Mehrosh

In the ever-growing world of today, technology has extended its tentacles to the very fabric of human existence. The use of technology as an accessory has become an integral part of our lives. The online distance learning program (ODL) launched by IIUI provides the students of our global village to connect in a virtual space and upgrade their skills dramatically.

In testing times of innovation and education, the ODL provides an opportunity for students to attain certified diplomas, expand their core skills, and have higher chances of getting a better job or securing a promotion. This will help the students to make their mark in the professional world, acquire new skills and enhance their CVs. E-learning also provides individuals with a unique experience of interacting with a global audience. Virtual classrooms of ODL with 25 percent of synchronous teaching offer a chance to learn the viewpoints and interact with an international audience that will further enhance their mindset and introduce them to new perceptions of life. Hence, ODL is a potential learning program to enhance and expand core skills, upgrade educational skills and interact with the students of our global community from home.

Our ODL program ensures the availability of course material anytime and anywhere; the only thing a student needs is a secure internet connection. Course material is provided in various audio-visual forms such as PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, assignments, notes, and e-books. Along with that, abundant reference material is provided for further learning. Students can connect to and access the classroom materials anywhere; in a bed, café, their workplace, or even in an outside park. Without stress-inducing factors, humans learn things with better retention. Having a bundle of material available related to the course and having access to it all the time and anywhere helps to retain things much better.

Moreover, students find it hard to take up additional courses along with their tight study and work schedules. ODL is the most suitable option for them. It is because e-learning provides a platform where one can attend lectures according to their suitable timings. ODL allows students to study after their 9-5 duty, late at night or before dawn. Learning at their own pace is a perk that only e-learners can enjoy.

The virtual classrooms at IIUI offer 25 percent synchronous teaching as well. It helps students keep track of their progress and evaluate their standing in attaining a new skill. Professional feedback given by teachers enables individuals to correct and improve their areas of weakness. Virtual classrooms can help turn your weaknesses into your strengths. It also helps students learn strong interpersonal relationships as a student will be required to interact virtually with the teacher and other students from diverse backgrounds.

E-learning also saves logistical problems and is very cost-effective. It is a viable and affordable option for students from any part of the world to upgrade their skills or enhance them exponentially. To ensure maximum active participation and retention of information ODL by IIUI also offers micro-learning for millennials and Gen Z. It solves the problem of students getting bored or distracted by delivering a highly targeted lecture.

Conclusively, if you are looking for a space where you can polish your interpersonal skills, get an advanced degree in the areas of your choice with proper feedback, then ODL is the right place for you. Enhance your CV and professional skills using this pocket-friendly and user-friendly platform today!