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IIUI’s Online Distance Learning: An Assistive Program
23rd January 2020 By Dr. Mehrosh

A vital foundation on which the Online Distance Learning program offered by the International islamic University, Islamabad is built is that of being assistive and accessible. Along with a user-friendly interface experience, our ODL system places major focus on the two aforementioned properties. These features collectively create an easy-access database meant to function as an aide for education-oriented people around the globe. 

Overcoming Commute Restraints 

Through asynchronous and synchronous online teaching, our program makes great efforts to include out-stationed people in Pakistan or those abroad, who are restricted by the means of commute. Such people who are qualified and want to join our university can successfully connect through our online distance learning system.  

Our program also remains efficient for people placed under travel restrictions. These restrictions could possibly be due to medical reasons or on grounds of conflict, perhaps for a small period of time or an undetermined duration. Whatever may be the case, our program is always on the go for supporting people experiencing such constraints in their academic endeavors.  

Simultaneous Personal and Academic Time Management 

In addition to travel issues, our program extends its assistance towards stay-at-home parents. Education oriented people restricted by their domestic circumstances are unable to appropriately manage their families and studies simultaneously. For these individuals, time management is a major concern.  

Our program offers them practical help for efficient time management through our asynchronous E-teaching. They have the options to join any of our certificate programs or advanced diplomas. Our program gives surety for allowing their studies to be carried out without any hassle of immediate availability. They are given the space to carry out their domestic obligations along with their academic responsibilities through our online courses. 

A Financially Agreeable Program 

Our E-learning system offers major help to individuals experiencing economic constraints. People who are unable to afford certain degree programs on account of their unaffordability should look no further than our ODL program.  

With its cost-effective nature, our system offers affordable digital education to individuals with all sorts of financial dilemmas. Whether they have unreliable income facilities, economically unfortunate backgrounds or are doing odd jobs to get by which require different time engagement, our online learning system works to improve their education without letting them buckle under additional monetary strains. 

Stand Alone and Complementary Certified Programs

Another set of people for whom our Online Distance Learning system is profitable is students who wish to take up complementary courses with their on-going degree programs. These students may have a personal desire to enrol in additional courses or are required by their area of employment. Such individuals can join our ODL program and apply for our online courses without a hitch.  Our program offers both short online courses, online diploma courses and online advanced diploma courses as well. Students can join any of our certified course programs available on our website. 

Convenient Digital Guidance 

Our Online Distance Learning system functions as a convenient and practical source of learning for people who may be hindered by personal, financial or geographical obstacles. Our E-program is determined to aid students in terms of their education.  

By offering both asynchronous teaching methods and synchronous teaching methods, allowing affordability and reliability, our program is set to achieve ease in the circles of both teaching and learning. It caters to a vast variety of sets of individuals searching for a reliable, manageable and inexpensive online educational source.  

In short, our dependable E-learning program is devoted to accommodating global citizens trying to pursue advanced education against any social, economic or private constraint that they may face.